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October 29, 2007
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Yui: CHE.R.RY by zamboze Yui: CHE.R.RY by zamboze
Yeah!!! I made this for all of Yui Fans!! (Includes me^^)...I don't know if it's realy looks like her or not...but i hope all of you likes it!!^^...
for information, Yui is a famous Japanese Singer...(maybe also a Guitar Player). She is a very talented person... she made all of her songs and lyrics by herself...and she is very dedicated to Music. She even quit her school for Music...
Yui is very beautiful...but somewhat has a mysterious Image/Aura.well... maybe because it's very RARE for me to see her "Smiling"...i mean Cheerful Smiling... even when i saw her on Music Stasion She never Smile a bit!!^^

I made it in about 2 hours...
with tablet and adobe photoshop CS
here's the photo references...[link]
Crap!! i messed with her hand!! it looks weird..almost like a "Man's" hand

about the should be Love and Truth...but why [link]?? well it's my favourite Song!!^^
let's sing along together!!!...

Koishi chattanda
Tabun kizuite nai deshou?
Hoshi no yoru negai komete [link]
~Yubisaki de okuru kimi he no MESSEEJI

hope you like it^^
I will Gratefully accept your comment and critic
please correct me if there's something wrong...
sorry for my awful english (but what an awful long comment)
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waah fansnya yui juga toh
temen2 gw pada doyan. emang enak sih lagunya :giggle:
I think she will like it is she saw it ^_^
That is so good, it turned out really like her! I think I read on wiki once that she thinks she has chubby cheeks so she doesn't smile that much. Overall really cool!
thanx a lot!!^^
hehehe well i have seen her smile once on video on youtube^^
i think i made her a lil bit skinny here =_=
Nakamoto May 10, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YUI channnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....
kawai ne :D

gw pencinta berat YUI ^^ :love:
bener2 bagus gambar nya >.<

oiya u blm pernah liat dia ketawa/senyum yah??
hehehe ak uda lhooooo :p

horay horay horayyyyyyyy~
makasih^^ tapi kayaknya si yui jadi rada kurus disini^^
waaa minta linknya donk^^
wa pengin liat si yui lagi ketawa^^
Nakamoto May 10, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
huehue tapi bagus jg kok ^^
hmm klo link sih lupa :p
tapi kaya nya ada di FS wa sih...
di fan of.haha silahkan save as foto2 Yui ^^banyak banget disana
Oii.. salam kenal ya..

Saya fans beratnya YUI juga nih.

Silahkan mampir ke galeri saya juga ya.
salam kenal jugaa^^
menuju ke gallery u^^....;
yui~ XD dia cute banget n enak2 lagunya ya~~
gambar ini dia keliatan lebih manis ^^
buset cuma 2 jam bikin ini ..?? ckckckc ><
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